Nintendo removes loot boxes from Mario Kart Tour in October

The loot boxes in Mario Kart Tour will be replaced by an item shop in October.

That reports Nintendo. Currently, the mobile game still contains loot boxes in the shape of the iconic green pipe, where players can get a random prize, such as a character or a kart, after spending a virtual currency. These will be replaced in October by the so-called Spotlight Shop.

The Spotlight Shop is an in-game store where players can purchase specific items and see what they are buying. Those are “new characters, karts and gliders, as well as characters, karts and gliders that were available in the past,” Nintendo says. “The pipe you can fire with rubies will be removed.”

The Spotlight Shop will be added to Mario Kart Tour at the end of September. Then the arrival of a new game mode called Battle Mode is also planned. The loot boxes then disappear in October.

Since the game was released in 2019, Nintendo has made about 295 million euros from it, Sensor Tower tells This is partly income from loot boxes, but the so-called Gold Pass, the Mario Kart Tour subscription that costs 5 euros per month, also plays a role.

Nintendo does announce the chances of winning the stuff in loot boxes. For example, there are characters with a 0.04 percent chance of jumping out of the pipe. Some items are available for a short period of time. Nevertheless, the game is banned in Belgium because of its loot boxes. It is not yet known whether Mario Kart Tour will be available there after the removal of the loot boxes.

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