Nintendo: ‘Switch shortage is not on purpose’

Nintendo has not deliberately made sure that Switch consoles are poorly available.

Nintendo’s Charlie Scibetta informs Ars Technica. In many countries, every new batch of Switch consoles sells out quickly, so not everyone can buy the console. Some gamers think that Nintendo ships few consoles on purpose to create more demand for the device, but Scibetta reports that this is not true.

“It’s certainly not on purpose about the lack of Switch consoles. We’re making them as fast as we can. We want to have as many consoles in people’s homes as possible for all the software that’s coming. Our job is to make as many as possible.” , especially for this holiday season when Super Mario Odyssey comes out.”

Nintendo is rumored to be struggling to ramp up Switch production because the device uses the same components as iPhones. Apple would require a lot of production for the launch of a new iPhone this fall, forcing Nintendo to wait for production to ramp up.

Nintendo Japan, meanwhile, has announced that players can expect more Switch consoles in stores in July and August and that production will be ramped up even further this fall.

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