Nvidia appears to be scheduling RTX 40 reveal for September 20

New Nvidia teasers about a ‘Project Beyond’ predict a unveiling of the upcoming RTX 40 GPUs, possibly on September 20.

Nvidia itself posted a first teaser video on Twitter with the hashtag #ProjectBeyond, with no indication of what that means. Highly plausible is, of course, an official reveal for the next generation of GeForce video cards, about which quite a lot has been leaked over the past few months. Persistent rumors have been talking about an appearance for the fourth quarter for some time.

Sources of VideoCardz believe they are already a few steps further with Nvidia’s teaser. A new image claims that ‘GeForce Beyond’, a special live broadcast, will take place on September 20. At 17:00 (Dutch time), Nvidia chairman Jensen Huang will give a presentation at the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC).

Nvidia has not yet confirmed that, but the teasers may build up to exactly the same information. In previous teaser campaigns around GeForce generations, Nvidia also posted daily teaser videos on social media, eventually revealing the dates of a live broadcast.

Also the presumably internal sources are not necessarily certain of an RTX 40 appearance, but the chance is significant. In addition to the increasing amount of leaking details, the timing of an early disclosure would also be beneficial to Nvidia. If the Ada Lovelace generation does indeed kick off later this month, Nvidia will be well ahead of the competition from AMD’s RDNA3 graphics cards, while grabbing immediate attention around Intel’s current Arc GPU rollout.

Despite the many leaks, little has been verified about Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace GPUs. A switch to TSMC’s 5 nm process and an apparently higher power consumption than previous generations are fairly certain, but further details often remain speculative. The recent teaser is a first indication of Nvidia to put an end to that, so possibly as early as September 20th.

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