Nvidia reveal will indeed take place September 20th

In a new teaser video, Nvidia has revealed that the mysterious ‘Project Beyond’ will indeed be unveiled on September 20.

The official date setting follows an earlier teaser, which introduced the hashtag #ProjectBeyond. At the time, a piece of the later campaign material was quickly found, in which September 20 was already mentioned before the alleged presentation. A little later, a hidden code was also found in the initial teaser, from which the numbers 09, 20 and 22 (the American quotation for September 20, 2022) could be deciphered.

September 20 has thus become a certainty for the unveiling. For the time being, it remains unclear what exactly Project Beyond should entail; Nvidia hasn’t said anything about that yet.

Given the teasers coming from Nvidia’s GeForce division, it’s likely that Project Beyond is the next generation of consumer video cards. Not only has the Ada Lovelace generation (GeForce RTX 40) been around for some time, details about the first RTX 40 cards have also been leaking more and more recently.

While the first partner manufacturers are publicly registering RTX 40 products, boxes of RTX 40 cards are popping up here and there. In everything it looks more and more like the usual run-up to an official unveiling. However, that vellal seems to concern the higher segment of the cards — the RTX 4090 in particular — while there would still be a lot of uncertainty about a possible RTX 4070.

Despite the increasing flood of leaks, little has been verified about Ada Lovelace. In all likelihood, that will come to an end on September 20.

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