Pentiment Gameplay Proves Xbox’s Greatest asset

If we look at the year of Xbox, 2022 is still quite scanty. Microsoft has had to postpone its biggest titles from 2022 to 2023, paving the way for the smaller games, such as As Dusk Falls. Pentiment also falls under that list and will be released later this year. We took a look at Gamescom and tell you exactly why the Pentiment gameplay makes this Xbox’s biggest asset for the fall.

Pentiment is the new game from Obsidian Entertainment, the multipurpose studio that Xbox acquired a few years ago. Where the studio has become known with Pilars of Eternity, Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds and Grounded, Pentiment promises to present a completely new experience. This time, the studio is making an adventure game reminiscent of the King’s Quest series.

Murder in the Church!

This is mainly due to the setting and visual style of the game. Pentiment is set in the 16th century where you play as Andreas Maler investigating a murder. In fact, for Maler it’s a race against time as a best man’s friend is accused as the culprit!

At first glance, Maler’s friend seems to be the culprit, because if you are found near the corpse with a bloody knife, you soon have an entire medieval village against you. It’s up to Maler to prove otherwise by investigating. This is where you come in as the player.

Painting your own Maler

Before you start playing detective in the Middle Ages, however, you first have the choice of forming your character. Your version of Maler may have studied at the academy with a focus on law, but you could also have attended art school just like that. The choices you make will cause your dialogue options and choices to differ as you explore.

Investigating the murder itself quickly turns out to be the coolest aspect of the game. Seeing what is going on in Medieval Bavaria among the residents is packaged in a cool way, with the dialogues being a highlight. This is how the undersigned got into a fight with an old woman who kept nagging about the church. At that time, as is also made clear in the game, that was literally and figuratively not done.

The fact that the dialogues and conversation choices you make are the part that makes the game shine the most will not suit everyone. It also shows that the game is quite simple in terms of gameplay. Between the conversations and some simple tasks that you have to perform, you only walk around a bit through a world that looks very cool thanks to a catchy art style.

Medieval artwork

Pentiment has chosen the visual form to mix medieval manuscripts with woodcuts dating from that time. The result is a very unique style that immediately draws players into the time period. You even get the choice whether you read the texts you encounter during the game with the traditional lettering of the 16th century.

If you don’t want this, you can of course also use normal letters. Obisidian Entertainment tries to keep the game accessible in this way, something Xbox is generally good at. Whether Pentiment will catch on for Xbox later this year remains to be seen. The game will be released on November 15 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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