PlayStation VR2 not backward compatible with first PS VR

The PlayStation VR2 is not backward compatible with the first PlayStation VR.

That means games released on PlayStation VR can’t be played on PlayStation VR2 – unless developers make a new version. SVP Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino confirmed this during the PlayStation Blog podcast.

According to Nishino, the PS VR2 cannot be backward compatible, as the PS VR2 is “designed to deliver an extended next-gen VR experience. PS VR2 has much more advanced options, such as the new controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as well as inside -out tracking, in-headset eye tracking and 3D audio, which means developing games for PS VR2 has to be approached in a completely different way.”

PlayStation VR2 should be released sometime early next year and can be used with the PlayStation 5. Sony previously announced that more than twenty games should be available on release.

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