Raised Over Half a Billion Dollars for Star Citizen

More than $500 million has been raised through crowdfunding for Star Citizen.

At the time of writing, the counter stands at $500,111,150. Since 2012, money can be transferred to Cloud Imperium Games to fund the development of the space game. More than 4 million people have already transferred money.

Star Citizen has been in development for years, although some of the multiplayer has been playable through Early Access for quite some time. In 2014, the highest fundraising goal was already reached – that was $65 million. Star Citizen should also get a full single player campaign called Squadron 42. The developer is even talking about sequels to this campaign.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Star Citizen. That’s because the game has been in development for so long and so much money is being raised, but it’s still not clear when the final product will be released.

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