‘Recent Ubisoft mobile game was actually Far Cry spinoff’

The Wild Arena Survivors mobile game reportedly started out as a Far Cry spinoff.

That’s what mobilegamer.biz claims. Wild Arena Survivors came out last week for iOS and Android, with little marketing, but reportedly didn’t always have that name. The game would be called Far Cry: Wild Call during development.

According to the source of Mobilegamer.biz, the game was made by Ubisoft Paris. In the game, forty players compete against each other à la battle royale. They are put on an exotic island, where they have to defend themselves against wild animals, among other things.

The game was reportedly given a “soft launch” without the Far Cry name being attached to it, in order to verify whether the gameplay itself was good enough to be successful. When that “soft launch” proved unsuccessful, Ubisoft reportedly decided to release the game globally with little marketing involved, in an effort to cut costs.

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