Remasters of Suikoden games announced

Konami is working on remasters of Suikoden and its sequel.

The company announced that today. It was already known that Konami was going to announce something about a classic franchise during Tokyo Game Show and now it is known which franchise it is.

The Suikoden games came out on PlayStation in the 1990s and later Saturn. The RPG series is loosely based on the Chinese story Water Margin. The games focus on mystical crystals, politics and the ‘108 Stars of Destiny’. On PlayStation 2, three more parts have been released after the first two games. Various spin-offs have also been made.

Suikoden I & II HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars features the first two games in the series with improved graphics, gameplay and other improvements.

Junko Kawano, who designed the characters from the original 1995 Suikoden, also designed the new versions of the characters. In addition, all kinds of sound environments are added, such as the sound of babbling brooks, wind and insects.

In addition, battles can be played twice as fast and there is an option to have battles play automatically. The game will be released sometime next year on Steam, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. There is no exact release date yet.

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