Respawn adjusts iron sight skins in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment says it’s tweaking the iron sights in Apex Legends to make them less powerful.

The Heat Sink-iron sight skin has already been adjusted and all iron sights will have to be adjusted where necessary in the near future. Many players believe that some weapon skins give a competitive advantage over other gamers when targeted. Respawn is now listening to those complaints.

“Competitive integrity has been and will always be a key pillar for Apex Legends,” said Respawn. “That’s why our standard iron sights are designed so that players look for loot to get better sights. However, we don’t think skins should affect how well sights function.”

“During the fourth season, we released the Heat Sink skin for the VK-47 Flatline. We received feedback from players that this skin felt superior to some other skins.”

“We believe that all competitive advantages in Apex Legends should come from improved skills and not from benefits gained from purchasing weapon skins.” Fans are generally pleased with the changes Respawn is now making.

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