Rockstar co-founder sits on blockchain games maker’s advisory board

Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, now sits on the advisory board of blockchain games maker Revolving Games.

This is reported by VGC. Houser has joined the advisory board after transferring an undisclosed amount during a round of financing for the company. A total of $13.2 million was raised.

Revolving Games was founded in 2020 and has two studios and more than 100 employees working on blockchain games in North America, Europe and Asia. The studio is working on a strategy MMO based on Battlestar Galactica and a co-op adventure called Skyborne Legacy. The company’s goal is to create blockchain games that will catch the attention of lovers of the big AAA games.

Dan Houser left Rockstar in March 2020. Last year it was revealed that he had founded a new company called Absurd Ventures, but it is not yet known what the company is working on. Houser isn’t the only former Rockstar employee with an interest in blockchain: Leslie Benzies is working on Everywhere with his new studio. While that game has not been confirmed to contain blockchain technology, Benzies has spoken positively about the technology in the past.

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