RTX 4090 Ti video card prototype leaks out with photo

An early photo of an alleged RTX 4090 Ti video card has leaked via Twitter.

The footage was published by @greymon55, now known as an insider in the video card industry. Initially, the photo was shared without context, but in a later response the Twitterer clarifies that it would be Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 Ti, a still unannounced video card on Nvidia’s heaviest AD102 GPU.

For the time being, it remains unclear where this particular prototype comes from — all brand indication has been made unrecognizable. In its basic form, the card resembles a Gigabyte model or perhaps a new Suprim card from MSI. Nvidia itself seems out of the question; typically, high-end Founder’s Edition cards have a “blower” design, consisting of fewer fans.

In recent weeks, the number of leaks and rumors about Nvidia’s new Ada Lovelace generation (RTX 40) has increased, but the GPU giant itself remains remarkably quiet. It seems that the first GeForce RTX 40 cards are yet to launch in 2022 — rumors have previously predicted an early rollout — but Nvidia has yet to reveal a more precise schedule.

The fact that manufacturers are already working on ‘full-fat’ AD102 GPUs underlines once again that Ada Lovelace may be closer than Nvidia is currently letting through. Nevertheless, we still have to wait for official reporting about the RTX 40 video cards.

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