‘Saudi Arabia’s investment in SNK will not affect game content’

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund’s investment in Japanese developer SNK should not affect the content of its games.

Producer Yasuyuki Oda informed VGC about this. “We simply focus on developing games. We’re not a political company, so it doesn’t affect us. It doesn’t affect our creative output. We have complete freedom over what we want to make.”

Saudi Arabia bought up 96 percent of all SNK shares earlier this year. The country invests in a wide variety of companies through the Public Investment Fund, including within the gaming industry. Previously, they invested in Activision-Blizzard, Nintendo, EA, Take Two and Capcom. In this way, the country is trying to become less dependent on oil.

Oda also indicated that all kinds of characters may continue to appear in their games, including transgender characters. “If it was a problem, characters like Shermie wouldn’t be in our games.”

SNK is known for franchises such as The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury and Metal Slug.

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