Shovel Knight creator confirms it’s working on a 3D game

Yacht Club Games, the developer of the Shoverl Knight games, has a 3D game in development.

Designer Alec Faulkner made the announcement during an interview with Ars Technica while talking about a new engine developed for the previously announced game Mina the Hollower.

“The engine is completely new and made by our team from scratch. That’s been our secret for the past five to six years – it’s used to develop (Mina the Hollower) as well as an unannounced 3D game.”

The statement is striking, because until now Yacht Club Games has only developed two-dimensional games. A few years ago, the developer was already looking for a 3D designer. More details about the game are not yet known.

Mina the Hollower, which should be released sometime in 2023, was announced early this year. In the game, players control a titular mouse in an adventure where the camera watches the action from above. The game seems to resemble classic Zelda games in terms of gameplay. The game is in development for Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Below is a trailer for the game.

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