Siphon Filter 2 on PlayStation Plus now runs at 60Hz in Europe

European PlayStation Plus Premium members can now play the PlayStation game Siphon Filter 2 in the smoother 60Hz.

Sony already announced earlier this year that it would offer classic games in Europe in 60Hz on the renewed PlayStation Plus in the future. Siphon Filter 2 now appears to be the first game where this is the case.

50Hz used to be the standard for televisions in Europe, while 60Hz was used in the US. Often this resulted in games in Europe only running at 25 fps, instead of the smoother 30 fps in the US. Siphon Filter 2 is now playable in 60 Hz on PS Plus in Europe and therefore runs better.

People can choose a region when they start up Siphon Filter 2 – the European PAL or the American NTSC. The Hz and therefore the frame rate are then also adjusted accordingly. The screenshot below, taken by VGC, shows the selection menu.

Gamers do need a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription to play PSOne games. This is the most expensive tier of the updated PlayStation Plus.

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