Sony is working on PlayStation 5 model with external disk drive

Sony is said to be working on a PlayStation 5 model where players can disconnect the disk drive.

That claims journalist Tom Henderson in a report on Insider-Gaming. He says he heard this from sources familiar with Sony’s plans. According to him, the console should be released sometime around September 2023 and will hardly differ in hardware from the current PS5 models, except that the disk drive can be disconnected.

Owners should be able to attach the disk drive to the PS5 through a USB-C slot. The model could be purchased separately or as a bundle with the disk drive. The console itself is said to be “thinner and lighter” thanks to the external disk drive.

For now, the above information has not been officially confirmed. There are currently two different PS5 models for sale: one with an internal disk drive and one without a disk drive.

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