Stalker 2 developer denies further delay

According to developer GSC Game World, Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl hasn’t been delayed any further.

Last week, Xbox gamers reported receiving a message that their game reservation had been canceled and that they were getting their money back. The reason would be that Stalker 2 was delayed to “an unknown date in the future”.

Stalker 2 was already officially postponed to 2023 during the Microsoft presentation around E3 this year – an exact release date is not yet available. However, due to the new reports, fans feared that the game would be delayed even longer.

This appears not to be the case, GSC now informs PC Gamer. “Microsoft will refund people if they have a reservation for a game without a specific release date. If we announce the exact date at a later date, the reservations on Xbox will go live again. Reservations on PC will remain intact.”

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