Streams with gambling sites are partially banned on Twitch

From October 18, streams showing websites with slot machines and dice games will largely no longer be shown.

The streaming platform has announced the new policy via social media. It specifically applies to gambling sites that do not have a US license for them, or come from other countries where there is not enough consumer protection, such as, and

However, after October 18, streams may still be broadcast in which poker is played or in which gambling on (fantasy) sports occurs. However, the company reports that more gambling websites may be banned in streams over time.

It was already forbidden to directly share links to websites where gambling is allowed, but broadcasting streams in which these gambling sites are visited was still allowed, although this is about to change.

Users of the streaming platform speculate that Twitch is changing the policy, because several major streamers recently claimed to leave around the holidays if gambling is not banned on streams. The streamers believe that gambling streams can harm younger viewers and that it also hinders honest advertisers. The threats from the streamers were in response to a streamer who extorted $200,000 from his peers and viewers to fund an addiction related to gambling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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