‘The economy isn’t ready to raise the price of Xbox consoles’

According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, in the current economic climate, it doesn’t make sense to increase the price of Xbox consoles.

He reported this in an interview with CNBC. “I can say with certainty that we have no plans at this time to increase the prices of our consoles. In an uncertain time when our customers are economically challenged, we do not think it is the right move to increase the price.”

Spencer is thus indirectly responding to the price increase of the PlayStation 5 in various markets, including Europe. The price of the PS5 went up 50 euros in August due to persistent inflation and unfavorable exchange rates.

Spencer doesn’t rule out Xbox one day following. “We’re always evaluating our cases, so I can never say we’ll never do something about it. But when we look at our consoles right now – the Series X and Series S – we think the value we provide is extremely important. It’s great how we can bring down the Series S, our cheaper console. More than half of the new players we’re engaging come in through the Series S.”

It was announced yesterday that the British competition watchdog will further investigate Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard before granting approval. Spencer indicated in the CNBC interview that he will not delay future purchases of companies because of this research. “This is such a competitive market that we can’t pause anything. Tencent is the largest game company in the world and they continue to invest heavily in games and game makers. Sony is bigger than us and they continue to invest.”

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