The Wandering Village launches September 14 on Steam

The Wandering Village will be out September 14 as early access on Steam.

This can be read on the game’s Steam page. Developed by Swiss Stray Fawn Studio, The Wandering Village is a city builder game with a twist.

In the game, players build a city on the back of a large creature that walks around the world. It is up to the player not only to take care of the inhabitants of the city, but also to strengthen the bond with the creature.

So you have the choice to cooperate with the wishes of the beast, or to maliciously abuse the beast for your city. In addition, the world takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with all kinds of dangers. Because the creature is constantly in motion, you come across different places with different dangers.

The Wandering Village will be available in early access on Steam on September 14. In 2023, the game will also come to Xbox through the Xbox Game Preview program.

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