Three Mega Drive games added to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo and Sega have added three new Mega Drive games to Nintendo Switch Online.

It concerns Earthworm Jim, Alisia Dragoon and Beyond Oasis. The former is a well-known platformer from Shiny Entertainment from 1994. Alisia Dragoon is also a platformer – a modest cult hit from 1992. The action-adventure game Beyond Oasis was released in Europe in the 1990s as The Story of Thor.

Mega Drive games can only be played on Nintendo Switch by joining Nintendo Switch Online and the expansion pack. You also get access to the Nintendo 64 app. The NES and SNES apps are available to all Switch Online members.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the classic Nintendo 64 shooter GoldenEye 007 will also be added to the N64 app sometime in the future. The game also features online multiplayer. GoldenEye will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, but only with local multiplayer. However, on Xbox it is a graphically improved version with a 4k resolution.

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