Ubisoft Takes Breaking Assassin’s Creed Embargo Very Seriously

Following the revelation that a well-known YouTuber has leaked information about Assassin’s Creed while under embargo, Ubisoft is now saying it takes these things very seriously.

YouTuber Dan Allen was revealed to be the insider ‘The Real Insider’ earlier this week, who recently leaked details about the new Assassin’s Creed games. That means that the person in question as Dan Allen was embargoed with information about the games from Ubisoft and then leaked it out before the allotted date under his Twitter pseudonym The Real Insider.

“We provide regular access to and information about our games to our trusted partners who are under NDA,” Ubisoft said in a statement to Eurogamer. “When that trust is broken, or information is leaked by a person, it is not only harmful and demoralizing for our teams, but it also damages the exciting disclosure for our players. We don’t make statements about individual cases, but we take this very seriously. seriously and will take action.”

The Real Insider accidentally revealed his real identity. When a tweeter asked The Real Insider a question, Dan Allen answered it. So he forgot to switch accounts before sending out the tweet. Subsequently, several people dug into the timeline of both Allen and The Real Insider, and found similarities between the games Allen covered and the information that The Real Insider leaked. Allen has since apologized via a YouTube video and deleted both Twitter accounts.

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