Valve shows prototypes of Steam Deck

Valve has shown some prototypes of the Steam Deck.

An employee of the company said it was showing some prototypes as part of a press event surrounding the Asian release of the Steam Deck. He posted a photo of the prototypes on Twitter.

These are prototypes made in the run-up to the Steam Deck’s 2021 release. Most models look a lot like the current version, although it can also be seen that some versions did not have a four-point push button, and instead have separate buttons, similar to the Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch. Circular trackpads can also be seen on some models.

Earlier, Valve indicated that new versions of the Steam Deck could be released in the future. “Unless something significant changes, a new generation of Steam Deck products will come out in the future. The look, size and shape are going to change. It could even become a streaming machine.”

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