How to Level Up in Fortnite Fast Using the XP Glitch


The XP Glitch in Fortnite allows players to quickly gain a large amount of XP. It has a direct link to one of the game’s Creative Maps.

In Fortnite, there is a glitch that allows players to quickly acquire XP and level up. Every season of Fortnite, as well as every Battle Pass, brings with it a new expiration date, which adds to the tension. Players in Fortnite have until the end of the season to unlock all of the Battle Pass cosmetics. The locked cosmetics will vanish forever if they fail to do so. Battle Pass skins, unlike other item shop skins in Fortnite, are extremely rare and do not reappear. They’re supposed to reward dedicated players for persevering to the ultimate end of the Battle Pass, despite the fact that reaching tier 100 of the Battle Pass can be challenging and time-consuming.

Season 1 of Fortnite will expire on March 19th, giving players around two months to complete the battle pass. However, there are Super Level Battle Pass Styles to earn, which reward players for progressing through the first 100 levels. While completing tasks, opening chests, and collecting kills earns a lot of XP in Fortnite, this season has made a big push to gain XP outside of the Battle Royale. Players can take advantage of a flaw in the game’s Creative Mode to gain XP quickly.

Select ‘Island Code’ from the game mode’s choice on the main menu. When you enter the code 2466-8973-1914, you’ll be taken to a stage called ‘Pit Plus Car Mythics.’ Wait until the stage starts automatically after loading in, or start the level right away from the pause menu. This will put the player in front of a big pit, which they must jump into. The player will gradually sink deeper and deeper into a vast pit. A large ‘2022’ sign will be placed in one of the room’s corners. To initiate the XP Glitch, follow it and enter the building.

Grinding XP In Fortnite Using Creative Mode

There will be a variety of interactive gadgets in this space, ranging from vending machines to buttons. In the corner of the room, there will also be a two-minute counter. When the timer runs out, the goal is to grab and interact with as many things as possible. When the clock strikes zero, the player will be respawned at the entrance and must return to the ‘2022’ sign. For each item they interact with, players will gain roughly 100 XP.

While this area is small, it has a large number of things, making it much easier to gain hundreds of thousands of XP quickly. The XP counter ended up with roughly 170,000 XP after 30 minutes of this way. This is by far the quickest way to level up the battle pass in Fortnite without having to put in a lot of effort. Continue to grind the easy XP by repeating the process, but like with many problems, this is likely to be addressed in the future.

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