VR demo of Kojima concerns a mysterious teaser

Hideo Kojima’s VR demo at Tokyo Game Show may be a teaser for an upcoming project.

Earlier today, Kojima hinted at the fact that he was going to show something at the Tokyo Game Show. He posted photos online of himself wearing an Oculus Quest 2 helmet.

Tokyo Game Show has now started and people have been able to try out the project. Anyone with an Oculus Quest 2 can also do that via this website, although the demo would be slightly different from that of TGS itself.

Below is a video of what the VR demo represents. It is a single hallway where a mysterious poster can be seen of a silhouette of a woman asking “Who am I?”. It may be the first hint to a new game from Kojima Productions, although no further details are known yet.

Hideo Kojima worked for Konami on the Metal Gear franchise for years. He left the publisher and founded the independent Kojima Productions, which produced Death Stranding. So far it is known that he is working on an as-yet unnamed game that runs on Microsoft cloud technology. There are also rumors of a horror game called Overdose. According to those rumors, actress Margaret Qualley – who also had a role in Kojima’s Death Stranding – would play the lead role. Fans are therefore speculating that the woman seen in the poster is Qualley, but this has not been confirmed.

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