Watch Nvidia’s unveiling of RTX 40 GPUs here from 5 p.m.

This afternoon, Nvidia will unveil the Ada Lovelace generation (RTX 40). The presentation will kick off at 17:00; the live stream can be viewed below.

The so-called ‘GeForce Beyond’ presentation will take place during the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC), which will be organized entirely digitally this week. A keynote will be given from Nvidia’s headquarters, which will discuss Nvidia’s future products for gaming, AI and more.

Previous teasers started mysteriously about the content of ‘Project Beyond’ at the time, but now the subject is obvious. Hidden in Nvidia’s countdown are many “40” references, as well as the mathematician Ada Lovelace as a profile picture.

Nvidia’s unveiling is traditionally presented by chairman Jensen Huang. Not much is certain about the content of the livestream, but revelations for especially the higher segment of Ada Lovelace cards are plausible. An ongoing stream of leaks and rumors predict a kick-off with the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 – an RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 are less certain.

The livestream can be followed from 5 p.m. (Dutch time) via YouTube and Twitch, among others.

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