Windows 11 Rolls Out Official HDR Calibration App

Microsoft’s DirectX team has rolled out an official Windows HDR calibration application for Windows 11.

The app can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store since last night. By means of three different tests, Windows learns the brightness and contrast value of a display with high-dynamic range (HDR), on which all kinds of HDR content can be calibrated. Select GPUs can add a degree of color saturation after the brightness tests.

All functionalities of the application are placed directly in the settings menus of Windows 11. Users can set up a calibration directly under the standard HDR activation. Various profiles can be created (including your own naming convention), between which users can switch from the menu.

Windows’ sharper HDR profiles are used over all content that Windows 11 recognizes as HDR. This mainly includes modern DirectX games, but also, for example, the content that Windows can provide with Auto HDR.

For more information and how to use the Windows HDR Calibration app, those interested can visit Microsoft’s official blog post.

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