XPG also unveils first ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 power supplies

After manufacturers such as ThermalTake and MSI, XPG is also unveiling a first pair of power supplies to ATX 3.0 standard, including PCIe 5.0 power connector.

XPG is the relatively young gaming brand of the Taiwanese memory manufacturer Adata, best known for SSDs and RAM. Previous series of PC power supplies (including Core Reactor and Pylon) have already appeared under the XPG name, and the Cybercore II series is the first ATX 3.0 power supply.

The XPG Cybercore II power supplies will initially come in 1000 watt and 1300 watt flavors, both with 80 Plus Platinum certification and full support for the ATX 3.0 standard. This mainly includes a 12VHPWR power connector, the new 16-pin connection (good for 600 watts) that mainly heavier video cards are currently switching to.

Adata’s press release about its first ATX 3.0 power supplies does not mention any expected pricing or release dates surrounding the Cybercore II series. Nevertheless, the announcement comes at a relatively favorable time: Nvidia’s first RTX 40 cards (with PCIe 5.0 power connectors) were recently unveiled, while the PCI committee just sent out warnings about dangerous adapter cables for the new connector.

It is likely that XPG’s Cybercore II power supplies will appear in the near future, although the scoop for the world’s first ATX 3.0 power supply seems to be with MSI for the time being.

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